Thursday, July 21, 2011

Real Cheap Eats!

It's been hard lately to get much done, but I am starting to get back into things. I'm trying to take the baby out on food adventures, and she seems to really like it. And by really like it, I mean she falls asleep. She is actually great in restaurants, I think she finds the clattering and clinking noises comforting. I've trained her well. So yes, slowly I am making my way around Queens again, only this time with a stroller. It seemed like a good time to start writing again when James of The Eaten Path came up with the great idea of getting a group of food bloggers together on one website to celebrate the abundance of cheap foods to be found all around New York City. I was so excited to be a part of it, and although I wasn't able to contribute as much as I would have liked, it was a fun experience. Take a look!

Here are my contributions.
Two of my five posts are on Roosevelt Ave.

I would love to start writing regularly again, I will keep you posted.