Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nieve Making at Viva Puebla!

I don't think that I can write often enough about how obsessed I am with the nieves at Viva Puebla, which I wrote about here (as well as their chicharron preparado, which I wrote about here).

So far I've tried the guava (my favorite)

then watermelon and lime together -

And today, I got the melon (canteloupe)....

and a chance to watch the nieve being made!

A very slow process in which the sweetened fruit base is placed in a barrel full of ice, and spun round and round, with periodical scraping, until the liquid becomes a smooth, sometimes creamy, sometimes icy, snow.
Once the summer ends there will be no more homemade nieve. A relief for this man, perhaps, but a sad day for me.

Viva Puebla
89-16 Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights


  1. I just walked passed this and sadly did not have any cash *tear*. But tomorrow will be hot as well, so I'll hopefully get one tomorrow.

  2. i have been obsessed with this place ever since you wrote about it on Serious Eats. I love it! I tried to see if they still had some today, but sadly I think the season is over. :(