Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nowhere Near the 7 Train: Russian Ice Cream Bars

I was in Rego Park yesterday taking pictures and buying my favorite Israeli grapefruit juice drink when I came across a deli that had a freezer full of fun looking ice cream-like treats from Russia. I've been in an Eastern-European state of mind since my trip to Brighton Beach last weekend, so I bought the most exciting looking ones.
Ok, not the most exciting flavors, but I liked the packaging. A cold vanilla substance with a crisp, chocolate-like coating. Yum!
Sort of like a nutty buddy, but with strawberries.
I think that the spheres on top were supposed to be crunchy, but they were soggy, as was the cone. But the white whipped topping, with a layer of strawberry ice cream underneath, that hid a core of strawberry jelly inside of a chocolate-coated cone was, while I won't say delicious or fresh, fun to eat. I love real ice cream, that goes without saying, but I also have a thing for ice cream products. Mr. Softee. Strawberry shortcake bars. Carvel cakes. Remember the Wattamelon Roll from Friendly's? Wait until I find a Magnum bar.

Monya & Misha European Delicatessen
64-46 108th Street
Rego Park/Forest Hills


  1. There's a Russian store on 76th just off of 37th Ave. It's really small, but I got some awesome Russian chocolates for my Armenian boss at the time (she lived in Armenia during Soviet times so she gets a bit nostalgic for Russian treats). Not sure if they have ice cream, they might. And speaking of Eastern European, I have to represent and mention Monikas (81st or 80th/ 37th) Polish deli. They have kielbasi, but also treats like chocolates.

  2. Last week I walked over to U Dzika for Polish food and it was gone! When did that happen? I will have to check out the store on 76th, do you know what it's called?

  3. Oh no! I haven't walked down that way in ages. I used to live closer to Northern so I'd walk along 37th all the time. Now I don't since I'm between Roosevelt and Queens Boulevard. The best kielbasi's in Greenpoint, (and all other Polish fare) but that G train is illusive on the weekends.

    The 76th Street store I think is called Gourmet, it has a yellow sign and is on 76th as if you were walking between 37th and 35th. I googled it and a chowster was able to elaborate:

    "Gourmet has a wide range of products. All kinds of cold cuts, kielbasa, white fish, smoked salmon,pate, cheeses, spreads (mushroom & eggplant), imported canned goods, pierogi, breads, mustards, candies, desserts and the list goes on. There's a Russian and Polish population in Jackson Heights that supports this store. The staff speaks wonderful English so communicating is not a problem. I would be devastated if this place ever closed. Whenever I have guests for drinks, I always shop here for snacks. The prices are so low and the quality high. This is truly a rare find in a mostly Spanish and Indian community."