Friday, January 22, 2010

First Colombian Bakery on the Trail

Let me preface this by saying that there are many Colombian bakeries to be found on this quest, and I am not going to visit all of them, as I really don't need that much bread or cake in my life. I had to start somewhere though, so we tried El Buen Sabor on 46th St, for a little something sweet after lunch. My first thought when I walked in, however, and saw table after table full of contented eaters, slurping their lentil soup and enjoying their rice and beans and platanos and beautiful, crispy chicharron, was to curse the tofu stew in my belly. All I had room for was a piece of flan and perhaps a cup of tea. Why oh why can't I have an extra stomach rumbling around somewhere for days like this? But alas, I have only one, so I had to settle on a small dessert and something to snack on for later. It really was quite busy, and I stuck to the first display case, while longingly eyeing the steam table towards the back. So flan, a coffee, a tea, and a little pastry; guava and cream cheese looked good. The flan had the perfect texture. It was smooth and creamy, not unlike the soft tofu that I had eaten for lunch. It was not too eggy, and not curdled, which has been the downfall of many a flan. The flavor, however, was difficult to discern, because my tea had been prepared with a few too many sugars, so my sweet taste buds were done for.

The pastry, which I toasted up and ate this morning for breakfast, (with some unsweetened tea), was crispy and sweet, oozing with the warm guava paste and melty cream cheese. I guess the only benefit of being too full is the leftovers.
But I dreamed of chicharron last night.

El Buen Sabor
4507 Queens Boulevard, Sunnyside

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