Wednesday, January 13, 2010

V & V. Just like Temple Beth-El.

While I am trying to eat at the restaurants in order, the problem is that on the 40-or-so-block walk home from Sunnyside, I always want to stop somewhere along the way, and I usually do. After Turkish Grill, David and I passed the very old fashioned V & V Italian Bakery and just had to go in. It's a tiny storefront under the 61st Ave Station, full of baked goods. They have challah and Irish soda bread, loaves and rolls of all kinds. But it was the display case full of cookies that really caught my eye. Temple cookies! We were in heaven. For all of you non-Jews out there, after services on Friday night and Saturday mornings, there is usually a kiddush, someone says a blessing over the wine and some challah, and there are trays of snacks to nosh on. Some temples are fancier than others, and the selection may change, but there are always (at least in my experience) assorted cookies that look just like this:

The counter-girl was incredibly nice as I ordered one of these and one of those, and how about that one, make that two of those. When I asked her how long the bakery has been around, the older woman next to her said, with a slight roll of her eyes and a smile "oh, more than 40 years!".

I always get too excited when I see this kind of cookie assortment. It isn't that they are the most delicious cookies in the world. It's just that I can recall biting into the sprinkled end of a raspberry-filled cookie and being filled with an overwhelming feeling of happiness. Everything made sense and life was good. Ok, maybe they are the most delicious cookies in the world.

V & V Italian Bakery
6119 Roosevelt Ave

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