Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Like Soft Tofu and Korean Pop Music

Korean lunch today. José and I took the train down to Sunnyside this morning, headed into Natural Tofu around 1 PM, and the place was doing a pretty good lunch service. At least half of the tables were consistently full in the front area, and there were even a couple full tables in the back. I had been reading about sundubu jjigae all morning, and was getting hungrier by the minute, so I ordered right away: Kimchi Soft Tofu with beef, ($7.95).
José decided on the L.A. Galbi, (because everyone knows that Mexicans love Korean short ribs) and the Vietnamese noodles (because he loves Pho). Britney Spears was wafting out of the speakers. There was a pause, a new song came out, and it sounded exactly the same; same beat, same auto-tune, except the language switched from English to Korean, and that somehow made it better.
First out, salads:

Who doesn't like free kimchi?

And then came the Tofu:

Let me just tell you that there's nothing like a bubbling, spicy pot of soft tofu and kimchi stew on a cold day, except that it really wasn't all that cold out. I also love cracking eggs into bubbling things, as you can see here:

The Kalbi:

Not the best I've ever had, "so-so" to quote my husband, but it's always nice to have a sizzling pile of meat and onions on the table. I am eager to try them at some of the Korean BBQ places on the route.

Vietnamese Rice Noodle: Rice noodle, Bean Sprout, Cilantro, Meat Ball, Lemon, Mexican Pepper $7.00
Do you see how big that bowl is?

It was an enjoyable lunch, we left stuffed, and aside from the ribs ($13) which we shouldn't have ordered since we were so full of soup anyway, very reasonable.

Natural Tofu
4006 Queens Blvd

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