Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Stopped in at Cafescape for a cup of coffee and some sweets, just to see what's inside. It's sort of like Starbucks, but not exactly. There were people working on laptops, using free wifi, sitting for hours, drinking coffee, hanging out. José and I got two pastries, a cup of coffee, and settled into the stuffed leather chairs, where he promptly fell asleep. They were that comfortable. The desserts were interesting, not typical coffee-shop stuff, and made at a bakery upstate, I was told, but the girl behind the counter.
We ordered a mocha cheesecake and a peanut butter chocolate bar.
The cheesecake was nice, a little too sweet, but tasty. A light cheesecake filling with a puddle of ganache in the middle and a sponge-cake bottom.

The peanut butter bar was good as well. A thick shortbread crust, with a dense peanut butter-y layer, topped with chocolate and crunchy, salty peanuts. Not bad, and the plastic plates were cute.
A nice place to drop by if you're in the neighborhood.

59-02 Woodside Avenue (still somewhat under the train)

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