Thursday, March 4, 2010

Juquilita Bakery & Deli (CLOSED)

There is a brand new Mexican Bakery next to a large laundromat, where Queens Blvd and Roosevelt Ave intersect. It's called Juquilita, and I stopped by to check it out. It's tiny inside, but they bake all of the bread fresh there every morning. Mexican bread. Since it was late afternoon when I made my way in, there were not many items left in the case, but I picked up my tray and tongs and chose a few things, some of them that I had never seen before, like this:

and this.
And of course I got a concha for José.
The young man behind the counter was very excited to have customers. He told me that they'd only been open for two days, that the best time to come in is at 8 a.m. when the bread is hot, that they will soon have Mexican food, and did I want anything to drink, do I live in the neighborhood, and thanks so much for coming in. Did I mention that he was excited to have customers? I asked for an arroz con leche, but they were out already. He felt so bad about it that he gave me a coffee on the house. I don't really drink coffee but how could I refuse? It was so interesting to see a Mexican bakery that is much smaller and has less of a selection than your Tulcingo or Coatzingo Bakeries, offering items that are not all that commonly seen in New York. José immediately recognized them; the flat, crumbly breads were polvorones, which is what shortbread and what we call Mexican wedding cookies are called as well. Makes sense, I guess. He approved of the taste. I was wondering if they were a little burnt, but no, that's what they're supposed to taste like. So nice to have an expert at home. It was a cute place, in a somewhat strange location. I really hope it does well.

Juquilita Bakery & Deli
50-18 Roosevelt Ave

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