Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stop Inn

This week is a bad week for eating under the 7 train, as I'm trying to keep kosher for passover. So many things that I can't eat. But breakfast seemed to be the safest bet, so off José and I went for diner breakfast, around lunchtime, to the Stop Inn Diner in Woodside.
We were shown to a very small booth in the very small corner diner, with very large menus in hand. I knew it was a great place when I saw the condiment selection on the table.
Ketchup, two kinds of hot sauce, malt vinegar and chef sauce? Irish, Mexican, American, it's all right there on the formica tabletop. Welcome to Queens!

So I ordered two eggs, over easy, with a side of turkey bacon (if I'm keeping kosher, I might as well go all the way with it) and no toast, thank you very much. You might be thinking to yourself, why does she keep kosher for passover if half of this blog chronicles the delights of eating pork? It makes no sense. It's just one of those things. Religion is weird.
My eggs, covered in the turkey bacon, were perfectly cooked. The turkey bacon was salty and crunchy. Definitely not as crisp as real bacon, but a fine substitute. For 8 days anyway.
The hash browns, a lacy mound of shredded potatoes, were brown and crusty on top, and soft in the middle. Delicious. I did miss the toast to sop up my egg yolks, but passover is all about sacrifice, right?

José was hungry and ordered a lunch special, penne a la vodka, which came with a salad.
What they called their house vinaigrette was Italian dressing. Haven't tasted that in a while. It was a good salad, with olives, red pepper rings, large slices of carrots, cukes, and tomatoes. Lots of onions as you can see.
The pasta was ok, not that I tasted it. I trust my husband though. His biggest complaint was that it was far from al dente. I believe that pasta should be overcooked in a diner. But maybe that's just me.

A pleasant breakfast/lunch. No such thing as brunch on a weekday. The diner was packed, people seemed to really enjoy themselves, and it had a great neighborhood feel, lots of stopping and chatting with each other on the way in or out. I want to be a regular there too.

Stop Inn
60-22 Roosevelt Avenue


  1. this is our "default" diner, on days when we dont know what to eat.

    im thinking YOU GOT LUCKY. there was a time when i went, the roumanian steak i ordered was a disappointment. also, they dont have DISCO fries. (fries with gravy)

    i also had their fish and chips - uh, no. go to either saints and sinners or donovan's for that.

  2. Hmmm, maybe I did get lucky, but I'm glad I did. They did a good breakfast, but I would definitely do a pub for fish n chips. I haven't done saints and sinners yet. Should I?