Monday, April 5, 2010

On the 7

Passover is almost over! I must admit that I had to do some non-kosher tasting this week. But I did bring my box of matzah with me every day to work, along with my trusty container of Temp-Tee whipped cream cheese. Which my brother David decided to snack on today while traveling on the 7 train. Such a good Jew. Lots of looks as he spread the oh-so spreadable cream cheese onto a half piece of matzah, with the other half.

Dip, spread, and enjoy.
Once a year, every year, Temp-tee is the best thing around, under or on the train.


  1. Temp-tee is definitely indispensable, but don't forget the equally indispensable Breakstone's unsalted butter, in the handy little tub with a nice sprinkling of kosher salt!

    Counting down now to the end...

  2. So so true! I love the breakstone's whipped butter. Of course the salt is key. One more day!