Tuesday, April 13, 2010

El Sitio

I'm trying to catch up on my eating and blogging, since for various reasons, last week was pretty post-less. To remedy that, over the weekend I did lots of Roosevelt Ave eating, starting with lunch at El Sitio, where I got a Cuban Sandwich to go. The lunch menu looked amazing, but it's only offered M-F, so I was out of luck. I sat down at the old-fashioned counter and watched as the waitress pressed my delicious-looking sandwich, brushing it with butter and turning it at intervals.

Secret pictures snapped on phone.

As I waited for my sandwich and stared at the desserts in the fridge behind the counter, I asked the waitress which one was the best. She said the tocinillo del cielo with no hesitation. It was like flan, and I like flan, so I ordered one as well. Once I got the sandwich home and unwrapped it from its butcher paper, it looked like this:
It would have been crisper, what with all that basting, had it not walked home with me. I try to walk to and from as much as possible, even with an unlimited metrocard, since I am eating things like fried chicken and butter-basted sandwiches, sometimes on the same day. It was still good though. The bread was pressed flat and thin, the cheese was still melty, one side of the sandwich was smeared with mustard, and the other with garlic, the ham was thick-sliced and salty, the pork was juicy and crisp, it was an all around well-made sandwich. My only complaint was that there was only one thin slice of pickle. I am pickle-obsessed, and would have liked a little more, for flavor and crunch. Otherwise, very nice. On to dessert.
The tocinillo was creamy and smooth, not too eggy, and lots of caramel. I felt like there was maybe a hint of cinnamon flavor, but I could have imagined it. That happens sometimes.

El Sitio
68-28 Roosevelt Ave

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