Tuesday, April 13, 2010


UFC. Korean fried chicken. I was in a fried chicken state of mind after Jollibee, so this weekend I also skipped a few blocks and went straight to Jackson Heights for some more. Unidentified Flying Chickens wins the award for best packaging (so far) on Roosevelt Ave. I still covet Jollibee's red plastic buckets, but just look at the take out bag. Its design is pure cuteness.
And the box, with holes, which keep the crispiness.

But now for the chicken and one side which I sampled this Saturday.
I could only try two flavors of the four they offer (soy garlic, hot, BBQ mustard, and sweet & spicy) as I was alone and not about to get 20 pieces of chicken for myself. Even I wouldn't go that far. So, soy garlic and hot. Soy garlic was good, but I think I liked hot just a little bit more.
Hot drumette!
Soy garlic drumstick!
The chicken was doused in sauce and yet still remained crispy. A beautiful combination of flavor and crunchiness. How do they do it? I somehow managed to save a few pieces (of 10 pieces for $10) for Jose, who was working late, but I could have eaten those wings (and drumsticks) all night, like popcorn.

Ever since our trip to Hawaii, I have rediscovered my love for macaroni salad, so out of the side options of coleslaw, macaroni, daikon, or rice, I went for macaroni. The first bite took me back to childhood. I'm not sure when or why I ate supermarket deli macaroni salad, but at some point in my life I did, and it had that sweet-tangy flavor that I haven't tasted in years. I could not finish the whole thing, a few bites was more than enough nostalgia for one night.

Fried chicken is good. There is no doubt about that. Add fun flavors to crispy skin and juicy meat, and it gets even better. UFC did a good job with all three things. It's close to the train, and walkable from my house, which is both very good and very bad. For me, anyway.

71-22 Roosevelt Ave
Jackson Heights


  1. It looks like a great lover of ultimate championship, I am also a ufc lover and love to watch ufc online.

  2. I'm more interested in fried chicken than fighting.

  3. Going to have that for dinner tomorrow! Been meaning to check out Jollibee for the longest, will have to make that a trip in the very near future!

  4. Can't go wrong, either way. Fast food fried chicken!

  5. We just came back from UFC, and got all four flavors, amazing. I think with all the sweetness of the other flavors the soy garlic stood out for me, but I do understand why you like the hot. The BBQ mustard was really nice, think honey mustard. The sweet and spicy had a hint of ketchup and perhaps sweet and sour sauce. I loved the macaroni salad, very supermarket deli. We also got the sweet potato fries, not the sweet potato we know. This was more like yuca, but dense and sliced so thin it was mostly fried sharp crispiness. I definitely want to try the bulgogi next, with some wings of course!

  6. I don't think the spices are strong enough for me. I like more intense friedness I guess. and I have trouble calling a drumstick a 'wing'. these are my gripes. oh, also the salads suuuck.
    but im really hungry right now and I think im going to go outside and get some. that or a filipino place. or maybe peking bbq. im so hungry.

  7. Ahh, fried chicken discussion. I haven't tried the other flavors yet, but I absolutely will, because it's just so fun. AK- I'm glad you had a nice time, I was tempted to try the fries so I will next time, and I'm glad that you agree with me on the mac salad. It's not that it was the best salad, it's that it was so strangely familiar and nostalgic. JO did you end up getting Filipino?

  8. haha, yeah I went to the new Fiesta Grill next to Fritzies and renees. it was great.

  9. Yay, I want to go to the new Fiesta Grill!