Sunday, May 2, 2010

La Perrada de Chalo, or Fun on Northern Blvd

What a week! I'm so happy it's over. Not enough eating time, yet again, but a good way to end the busy-ness was at this month's JH food group. Although La Perrada de Chalo is not even close to being on Roosevelt Ave, it warrants a post because it was just that exciting. Northern Boulevard is another great street to explore for food, and I'd really like to spend more time there. Someday. But in the meantime I will just visit occasionally whenever I get the chance. La Perrada de Chalo, with its dancing, slightly disturbing hot-dog with green boots logo specializes in Colombian street food and snacks, and the crazy hot dog was what I ordered.

Super Showy- Mortadela, cebolla, piƱa, salsas, queso, papitas. (Bologna, onion, pineapple, sauces, cheese, crushed chips) $3.35
What can I say about my Super Showy (which was just a showy, as they had no super-sized hot dogs at the time of our ordering, and in retrospect I think that was just as well)? The name is so perfect, I really didn't care what was in it. Do I really need bits of bologna in a hot dog? Completely unnecessary. Cheese? Ditto. Tons of mayo? Nope. But put it all together and it creates something magical. Each bite of hot dog was a new taste experience. The snap of hot dog, plus the soft bun, then the creamy mayo, plus melty cheese, citrus and herb tang from the green sauce and crunchy chips = flavor/texture collision in mouth. Super Showy! I was tempted by the Iraqui, which had hard boiled eggs on top. If I could have eaten another, I would have. But one was enough.
Some other trays. This one had the Super Showy, Al gusto (con todo) (with everything, and they mean everything!), and Hawayano (pineapple, cheese, sauces). I was jealous of the everything. It had eggs and bacon.
This was the mini picada. Crispy parts of pork, beef, chorizo, and chicken over a fried arepa and french fries. Greasy and delicious. $7.15
Pernil sandwich. It looked great, the bread was pressed so flat and thin and crunchy, a huge sandwich for $6.

We then moved next door to El Palacio de lol Cholados for a cholado.
Wikipedia says that a Cholado is a cold beverage common in Colombia. It is made from crushed ice, fruit and/or fruit syrup, sweetened condensed milk, and is sometimes topped with whipped cream. I think that is a fine description. I enjoyed my cholado immensely. Once again, so many textures and flavors. There was the crushed ice on the bottom, then freshly sliced bananas, strawberries, and pineapple, the juice/syrup was not too sweet, which mixed perfectly with the very sweet condensed milk. A sprinkling of dried coconut, and the whole thing was topped with a maraschino cherry. Fun in a plastic cup, for $5. There is even a sign with directions on how to eat it. First you drink the juice with the straw and then eat the rest with the spoon. Good to know. I think I did a pretty good job with that. A beautiful day with nice people eating strange concoctions and taking lots of pictures. Just a normal weekend in Queens.

La Perrada de Chalo
83-12 Northern Blvd.
Jackson Heights

El Palacio de los Cholados
83-18 Northern Blvd
Jackson Heights


  1. Great post! I really loved this place- they show you the heights that a hot dog can achieve (literally and figuratively). Sadly, I don't think I can ever lower myself to eating a normal hot dog again :(

  2. Ah yes, the cholado. Hugely popular in JH. Very sweet and tasty. Next time you head up to Northern you HAVE to try Mama's Empandas. They are a local legend. I love the chicken, greek, guava, the beef is tasty too. Open 24/7, empanadas range from $1 -$1.75 for extra special ones.

  3. I love empanadas so of course, and aren't they opening one on Roosevelt too? and Judy, normal hot dogs don't cut it for me anymore either.