Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rice from Prince

Prince. New Indian/Bangladeshi/Pakistani place in Woodside. The blue awning has been up for a while now, and I was looking forward to a new place on the route so I checked out the menu and then looked behind the counter at the steam table offerings. The dish that looked the most exciting, and is also the most expensive ($8.99), was what I ended up ordering.
The special Prince kachi biryani with goat meat. I have a hard time resisting colored, hard-boiled eggs, it seems. Plus the man behind the counter said it was the best, and just made. It was pretty. Eggs, chillies, spices, goat in shades of yellow, pink, brown, and green. Then something else caught my eye, in the section reserved for fried treats like samosas, pakoras and such. This.Chicken patty. "Very good," said the man. The man looked trustworthy.
I walked it all home, and had a taste. The rice was fragrant and fluffy, each grain separate from the next. There were soft pieces of potato, whole cardamom pods, I found bits of caramelized onions, fresh and cooked chillies, each bite was a little different, some sweet, some spiced, some hot. Some pieces of the goat meat were a little tough, the best piece was one still on the bone and tender. The chicken patty was, as advertised, very good. Soft, flaky pastry encasing a chopped chicken filling that had more than a little spicy kick. The man also made sure I had a menu, which I misplaced but have since found, so can now put up the info.

Prince Restaurant
64-04 Roosevelt Ave

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