Friday, May 7, 2010

Good Time with Koba

It's been a lunch special kind of week, and here's another one. Have I told you how much I like lunch specials? Shannon and I went out first for ice cream, she was accompanying me on a Serious Eats stop, and then lunch. A little out of order, but the ice cream had a deadline. We then walked around on Roosevelt, looking for a good, quick bite, and Koba in Woodside seemed to work. It turns out that Koba not only gives you free soda and miso soup with your $5.95 special, but also banchan. Not sure why I wasn't expecting them, but I was definitely surprised when all of the little salads came out of the kitchen.
There were, from left to right: marinated tofu, cucumber salad, some tiny fish (wish I knew what they were called), kimchi, and eggplant. The tofu was dense and hard to cut through, but it was marinated in soy and had some nice crunchy onion on top. The cucumbers were great, still crisp but had a nice vinegar kick. I did not taste the fish as I knew I wouldn't enjoy them, I'm sort of wimpy when it comes to whole little fish, so fishy. Shannon liked them though (I think, let me know if you read this). The kimchi was kimchi, and the eggplant was mild, but had a nice texture: not too mushy, not too crunchy.
I got a bowl of miso soup with my lunch too. You can sort of see my free ginger ale behind it. I really like when drinks are included. Shannon ordered soft tofu stew with seafood. Not a lunch special, but still very cheap. Soondooboo jigae, small, $4.95. I had a great one at Natural Tofu a few months ago, bubbling pot of spicy broth and soft tofu, so good.
And she got a very special rice bowl.
She had a good time with bear family, but I wasn't invited.

My kimchi fried rice was good. Not spicy enough, but I got some chili paste on the side. Anything topped with a fried egg is fun. Break it open, let the yolk ooze out, mix it up, enjoy. I had good time with egg, at least.
I got lots of food for around $6, had a nice visit with Shannon, and was home in time to write about ice cream. That's what I call a successful day.

Koba (Korean Barbeque)
64-16 Roosevelt Avenue

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