Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lunch at La Frontera

In honor of the Battle of Puebla, I went to La Frontera in Woodside. There are three Mexican restaurants on the same block, and I picked La Frontera for no particular reason, but it turned out well. I got sopes. It seemed like the right thing to do.
The rounds of masa were crisp on the bottom and soft in the middle. Topped with beans and meat, these sopes were very patriotic with their red radish, white cream, and green lettuce garnish. Viva Mexico! There were three to the order, and I got chicken, beef, and al pastor (pork). The chicken was my favorite, it was the most flavorful and tender of the meats. The green salsa was thick and bright, but not spicy at all, unfortunately. The whole plate cost $7.50, and they gave me chips and salsa to snack on. The place was empty, but I got caught up in the novela playing overhead, and it was so nice out today, and the door was wide open, so I just sat for a while. It was a nice, relaxing lunch for one. Not the same experience I might have at a Mexican place in Manhattan tonight. Luckily, at these little places on Roosevelt, no one much cares about 5 de Mayo.

La Frontera
64-03 Roosevelt Ave

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