Friday, February 19, 2010

Back to the Bakery

I took a trip back to La Vienesa for the pastries that caught my eye at the beginning of the week. I am no expert in Colombian baked goods, but I am up for the research. Here is the dedo de queso. Not what I expected at all. It has the best name for what it is: a salty-sweet, soft pastry wrapped around a column of melty white cheese, and some might say it looks like a finger. A tasty, stuffed finger.

Here is the finger, cracked open.

Trying new things: so much fun, especially when salt, butter, and cheese are involved. I splurged and got a sweet too:
The pastel de guayaba y arequipe. Sounded good, I love guava, and I love any sort of caramel-type substance, be it arequipe, dulce de leche, or cajeta. Or candy milk, if you'd like to call it that. I need some help from any Colombian pastry expert out there. Why was the pastel, which had a beautiful crumbly and crispy outside, only filled with a very thin layer of guava? Maybe I got the wrong one but I couldn't find any arequipe. So confused.
I really really really like guava. Here's a picture I took in Hawaii of guavas on the highway.

That's how much I like guavas.

La Vienesa (again)
3944 Queens Blvd

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