Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No Corn in Cup?

My plan today was to finally try Corn in Cup. I've been fascinated by the promise of Corn in Cup, Potato in Cup, even Waffle in Cup, since I passed Old Castle Fresh Farms on 39th Street, the very first day of the project. What is it and why is it here?
I can't answer that question, but I could not resist the lovable yellow creature, or the idea of a cup full of corn. With garnishes like sour cream, and chives.

My plan was to leave this specialness for my last week in Sunnyside, a sweet farewell to a great neighborhood. I was going to walk into that store and declare that yes, I would like to cup it. But, no, that goal was not meant to be reached. At least not today. Despite the fact that the entire storefront is plastered with cup it propoganda, I was informed that they will not be serving anything in a cup for at least another month. I left the store dejected, disappointed and hungry, my dreams dashed. No cup, no corn.

Old Castle Fresh Farms
39-50 Queens Blvd

There is a website about how to get your own cup it franchise. I'm still as confused as before, but the intro video is something else.


  1. OMG! I was also wondering about the Corn in a Cup at Old Castle. They sure do have a lot of signage up...

  2. Maybe there will be some sort of opening ceremony?