Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Off Boulevard Exploring, Part One

After my disappointing visit to the Cup It franchise, I needed some lunch, and fast. I decided to break from the route and do a little Sunnyside wandering, to places that I'd read about but hadn't planned on visiting. Stop number one, The Butcher Block. The place to go for the Irish ex-pat, longing for a taste of home, so I've heard. I have a hard time resisting snacks from other countries, so I immediately headed over to the chips and chocolate aisle. I picked up quite a selection of snack-y packaged treats (a packet of salt and vinegar flavoured crisps sounds better than a bag of chips, doesn't it?) plus some orange marmalade for my toast, on sale for $1.69.

I then wandered around to the meat section and saw something you don't see everyday in my neighborhood. Irish Breakfast to go.
Blurry, but there it was.

The deli section looked inviting, I could have gone for the shepherd's pie in the display case, or a freshly-made sandwich, but I saw the sign for soup, and then there was no turning back. Beef barley soup on a rainy day, perfect, not to mention the price: small soup $1.50, large soup $1.99!
Once I got home I was able to see how far that $1.5o went.
A rich, beefy broth, soft carrots and celery, earthy bits of barley, and tender chunks of meat.

I love soup.

I have yet to try all of my snacks, but one delightful discovery: Cadbury Flake is exactly the same as my favorite Israeli chocolate-like candy, Elite's mekupelet: I am not the first person to realize this, I found. There is actually a blog post which pits the two candy bars against each other in a taste test, here. There was no winner declared.

My Flake was pretty good.
Despite disappointment, I somehow managed to make it through the day, and though I strayed from the path, I ate some great soup, and made some very important cultural discoveries. I gotta say it was a good day.

The Butcher's Block
43-46 41st Street

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