Friday, February 19, 2010

New Post: Queens on a Plate

Part breakfast, part interview this morning at New Post Coffee Shop in Sunnyside. My dining partner today was Molly, a journalism grad student at NYU who is working on a long term project focusing on the neighborhoods, cultures, and people around the 7 train line. She got in touch with me early this week, and I was happy to meet up and spread some Queens love. I got to talk about my project, have someone to eat with, and meet someone new, all over eggs at 9 AM. Win-Win. So we met and talked. Mostly I talked, and she asked questions. And we ate.
New Post is a regular coffee shop/diner with a twist. They have the usual egg and cheese sandwiches, the 2 eggs-hash browns-toast combo. But they also specialize in Irish breakfasts. Full breakfasts with sausages, puddings, beans, tomatoes, the whole thing. Turn the menu over, and there's a Mexican breakfast section. Chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, huevos a la Mexicana. As each new wave of immigrants came into the neighborhood, the coffee shop evolved and accommodated.

I decided to order from the Mexican side, and chose the huevos rancheros. Molly, after much deliberation, went with a 2 egg special. They immediately brought out the sauces for my eggs.

Note the HP sauce and malt vinegar behind them. As I got my camera ready to shoot the food, Molly took out her camera to get a picture of me taking pictures. We got some strange looks from the counter-staff. It was a little ridiculous.

Huevos rancheros. I've never been asked how I want my eggs any further than the usual scrambled, sunny-side, or over easy, but the waitress asked, very specifically, if I wanted them over-medium. I had to say yes. 2 eggs, 3 tortillas, very creamy refried beans, and Mexican rice. Everything tasted good, but the tortillas confused me a little. They weren't fried crispy, and they weren't soft, they were sort of half-fried in oil, which left them pliable yet greasy. For my huevos rancheros, I like the contrast of a crunchy tostada with the oozing yolk and the soft white of the egg, so I did not quite understand the purpose of these tortillas. Otherwise, the two salsas were tasty, the green spicier than the red, the rice was flavorful and pretty authentic, and as I said, the beans were super creamy, and sprinkled with cotija cheese. Good, and filling, for $6.00.
We both got tea, and there are Molly's scrambled eggs, with cheese and bacon in the background.
It was a nice breakfast, and while being interviewed is surreal, I discovered that I really have no problem talking about myself for an hour. Molly is new to the city, and l was ready to answer her questions. Why the 7 train, she asked, why Queens?
Why not Queens? Why has such a vibrant area been ignored, even looked down upon, for so long? I've lived here for 10 years, and am constantly surprised and excited by how much there is to discover and learn about the place where I chose to make my home, the ever-changing borough. And this tiny coffee shop was the perfect place for us to meet, where we found old and new Queens together on one laminated breakfast menu.

New Post Coffee Shop
40 01 Queens Blvd

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  1. You were WHAT? Interviewed by a sociology grad student? Why didn't you tell me? That's so much fun! And congratulations...? What does one say in these situations?

    Anyway, love the way this blog is coming along...yay!